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Erwerbsarbeit und Arbeitslosigkeit Jugendlicher

Youth unemployment rate in Europe In the public discussion particular attention is drawn to the so-called unemployment rate. Whilst in the majority of countries the population share in is close to that of or even below, in some other counties the level is still higher, like France, Austria or Finland. However, the dynamic differs across European countries.

To a different extent the picture holds for most of the European countries. Since then, the German ratio has been tending towards the European level, although a clear discrepancy still exists.

Erwerbsarbeit und Arbeitslosigkeit Jugendlicher. Whilst the majority of European countries recovered in terms of youth unemployment, some countries are still suffering. However, the development of youth unemployment figures differs across Europe. How to measure youth unemployment However, it should be noted that using the unemployment rate as an indicator tends to overestimate the phenomenon of youth unemployment. Again, the recovery differs across European countries.

In Denmark and Sweden, this proportion is just under a quarter. In relation to the duration of youth unemployment Germany also occupies an unusual position.

In addition, country-specific factors should be considered. Accordingly, high rates of youth unemployment in Europe are given high political priority, as well as being a key focus of public debate.

Whilst the majority of European