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Far from reinforcing divisions and

Behavioral modification through modeling practices. Exchanges, visits, joint community activities, and email correspondence are some ideas. Since birth, they had been exposed to people of different backgrounds and lifestyles. Holt, Rinehart and Winston.

As they became better and better at doing the dances, someone suggested we create a performance group. While books, pictures, stories, etc. Many programs such as Head Start also hire some of their staff from their parents and the local community. Caution, however, must be applied when choosing visitors, especially individuals who are chosen to represent specific ethnic, racial, gender or disability groups.

Include People From the Community in

Many communities have community gardens, trails, wetlands, nature preserves, outdoor museums, living museums, etc. She came from a local Indian tribe, but she was fluent in Spanish. Embrace differences, openness, curiosity, and the diversity of all. She became a very positive and important part of the classroom community. They reflect those communities - their diversity of people, values, businesses, arts and resources.

But many Brazilians also see themselves as proudly mixed-race. Diversity is about inclusion, not exclusion. These must be active, deliberate, and ongoing activities.

Far from reinforcing divisions and separation, we are in the business of making connections and building community. Include People From the Community in the Program There are many ways to include people from the community in your program.

We also made use of community resources by borrowing a variety of student aides from local colleges and universities. The best advice is to avoid celebrities and people that are not an authentic part of your community.

They thrilled at learning about new people and in exchanging ideas and activities with a fellow classmate from another country and culture. Institute on Race and Ethnicity, University of Wisconsin.