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You Can Draw Cats by Gladys Emerson Cook download in iPad, ePub, pdf

This will establish their position and length. You need to memorize the proportions and location of the joints along with their limits. Finally, the outline of the paws. Add the fur After you sketch the pose and the anatomy, you can make your cat complete by adding fur.

After dozens of

This process gives you a generic cat head, and now you can modify it to create the breed you want. After dozens of such sketches this will become automatic for your hand. The hind paws have only four toes, and no pisiform either.

This process gives

Now you can draw the outline for the rest of the body. Cut the muzzle into half, then cut the upper half as well. All this fluff, again, makes them quite easy to draw.

You need to work out your own method that will work best for you. This is because cats have a very loose skin that covers the outlines of the muscles even in hairless breeds. When drawing, pay special attention to the spine.

In short-haired breeds the tips of the claws in the hind paws can often be seen, so you can add them as a nice accent. If your cat is short-haired, you can add ovals in the front of fingers and toes to accentuate the shape of the bones beneath. Again, practice with a lot of different photo references to understand it better and to make the movement more automatic for your hand.