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William Ellery Leonard by Neale Reinitz download in iPad, ePub, pdf

While studying there Leonard

The version read here is an English verse translation written by William Ellery Leonard. While studying there, Leonard was offered a temporary position to replace a professor of Latin at Boston University. Three years later, he returned to ministry. However, his guidebook had the wrong address and Leonard instead wound up at the College of Liberal Arts at Boston University. Leonard is also known for his many scholarly works, particularly translations of Aesop and Lucretius e.

The version read here is an

He spent two years in Germany on the scholarship. His father, William James Leonard, was a newspaper editor. He was recruited by Charles R.

He was also the editor of the university biweekly newspaper, the University Beacon. Although Leonard penned his version in the early twentieth century, he chose to adhere to both the vocabulary and meter alternating between pentameter and hexameter of Elizabethan-era poetry. De rerum natura as well as the epic Beowulf.

He accepted an appointment with a Unitarian church in Bolton's Landing, Massachusetts and moved the family there.