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Only someone who knew the magic secret of the porch swing could ever find the hollowed-out hiding place. Right now she needed to focus. Lucy decides to return to Hope's Crossing and settle everything with Iris House while regrouping and deciding what to do with her career. Go to the end of the hall, last door on the right. Closing the door to the room behind her to hold on to the heat, she headed out for one more bone-chilling trip to the car for the suitcase that held her essentials.

The fire extinguisher was attached right to the inside door. The imagery gives the reader a real feel for what living in Hope's Crossing is really like. Energized by having a viable plan of action, she quickly headed out into the rain again and grabbed an armload of wood from the pile, enough to keep the cold at bay for several hours, at least.

Only someone who knew theRight now she needed to

She felt something dig into her palm and realized she was still clutching the key from the front porch. Trust Annabelle to keep her woodpile covered and protected so the wood was dry and ready to burn. Wild Iris Ridge This was, without question, the craziest thing she had ever done. Thayne does such a wonderful job creating this world we call a story. She yawned, tempted to curl up right this instant on the sofa and drop off.

Last time she counted, the old house had nine fireplaces and she had seen a pile of seasoned firewood against the garage when she pulled up. The chains of the old wood porch swing clanked and rattled as she sat down, a familiar and oddly comforting sound. To make things worse he started dating Jessie and proceeded to marry her. Another engine was just pulling up behind it.