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There was nothing delicate or dandified in the way he kissed. She watched him as he wiped a broad palm against his jacket, as if the feel of her was a regrettable sensation. She saw nothing anymore as her eyes fluttered shut. Her heart beat so fiercely she feared it might burst from her chest.

Grandfather would perish

Grandfather would perish on the spot. Even better, two gentlemen chose to stand before the fern at that moment, making her even more inconspicuous.

Not the blood seeping from the gash in his forehead and dripping thickly into his eye. One of those hands slid around to span her rib cage, his thumb grazing the underside of one aching breast, and her body burned from the inside out.

She relished the feverish movement of his lips on hers, the slide of his tongue deep in her mouth. That one kiss turns into some roaming hands, deep breathing, and the thought that he might get her out of his mind if only he could get her into his bed for one night. He smelled clean and crisp and. She glared down at where he gripped her arm. Grier is convinced she will marry a common man not a titled heir despite what her father wants.

Even better two gentlemen

She lifted her chin and took another bite from her biscuit. Grier is not really suitable for th Sophie Jordan is not one of the best writers out there, but she is a great storyteller and I will definitely be reading more by her. Everything happens quickly, and after some predictable drama, the finally can be together. The extraordinary thrill of this moment. With replenished drink in hand, she moved back down the buffet table and tucked herself once again behind the fern.

She might not have had the finest education, but the man she considered to be her true father had taught her to read and write beside the evening fire in their small cottage. It took every ounce of will she possessed not to stick her tongue out at them. This country needs a bright light as we emerge from the dark. Sev may have the title but Grier has the magic that is drawing him to her and making him want to stop her from talking with a kiss. He tasted her back and she moaned at the sinuous stroking of his tongue along her own.

At the time, she thought standing out an advantage. For a moment she allowed herself to forget that this prince lacked the heroic qualities to accompany such looks, that he thought her unsuitable, a mere nobody rubbing elbows with her betters. You attacked him with your lips like a man-starved harlot. Truly, Malcolm, you must jest.

He made her feel wanted, and that made her feel powerful. But every time he spends with her their attractions grows and he wants to know more and more of her. Sevastian is definitely hot but he isn't at cruel as it seems at first. He's actually interested in her and very soon realizes he wants to be with her. She knew this with the same certainty that she knew they were speaking about her and not her half-sister.