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What We’re Teaching Our Sons by Owen Booth download in iPad, ePub, pdf

We tell our sons the stories of our many office affairs. We have to show our credentials at the gate.

In the water our sons cling to us. They want our sons to take their message back to the people. Their spokesmen step forward.

We look at our sons, half in fear, wondering what we have made. Our sons are doing their best to feign interest, we have to give them that.

Then we sit up long into the night nursing our glasses of aquavit and listening to the distant music and laughter. We hope they can look at us with kinder eyes. We have a letter of introduction. That said it was often quite humorous, and an easy and quick read.

Our sons look over our shoulders, distracted by the beautiful sunrise. The mothers who come in all sorts of fantastic shapes and sizes. At first I struggled to understand where the author was coming from and what he wanted his readers to get out of its tiny bite size look at a huge range of topics that comprised this book.

As fathers have apparently been teaching their sons since the Palaeolithic. But it also gives you a sense of perspective. Some are allegorical, some literal and others magical realism almost.

Also we keep being distracted by

Everything smells of burnt popcorn. Also we keep being distracted by the sight of the swim suited mothers. And their fathers and their fathers and their fathers before them. Especially not to each other.

Everything smells of burnt

We crouch low in the water like middle aged crocodiles, stealing glances at the wonderful mothers, and our sons put their arms around our necks and refuse to let go. The spectacular mountains slide by as we talk about the sublime. We tell them about our affair with Cathy the kickboxing champion, and how it ended with a roundhouse kick to our head.