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The incidence rate by age, sex, and residence illustrates that each of these factors is an important determinant of leprosy risk. There are no data from the past allowing us to discriminate between these explanations. The seventh pandemic of cholera which began in is still ongoing.

It is presumed to be eliminated. Moreover, it could be that individuals were infected late in life or incubation periods were very long.

Primary reason for this increase of incidence rate can be due to lower number of all patients from distant areas. It reflects stable incidence rate in the population for several years prior to this study. The foundation for leprosy elimination was the introduction of antibacterial dapsone monotherapy. Conflict of Interests The authors declare that there is no conflict of interests regarding the publication of this paper. Fifteen ct gene-positive V.

The increase in incidence rate with age reflects the age structure of the population. Descriptive analysis was done. We conclude that this high specific immunochromatographic strip is valuable in preventing the risk of failing to detect toxigenic V. Bicarbonate is an important component of small-intestinal fluid to protect intestine from acid arriving from stomach and is present in upper small intestine where V.

On the other hand, previous reports indicated that almost all of the ct gene-positive V. Conclusions In the case of V.

The obtained cell sonicates were centrifuged to obtain soluble fractions. Ending polio, one type at a time. This discrepancy is attributed to the lack of dissemination of effective surveillance system. The high incidence rates among older adults may be interpreted in various ways. Elute was monitored by measuring the absorbance at nm.

The incidence rate by

In this study, we established a toxigenic V. Several factors may have contributed.