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File uploading permission problem has been fixed. Customers Portal Contact us. Private voice icon added, it changes when user receives private voice chat streams.

Remember password added for visichat. It's equipped with a fully featured administrative options, video gallery, customisable banner tool, widgets and games. This update also includes some fixes on performance.

Visichat Smiley

Bad word filtering added to the visichat, admin can add unlimited words in the admin panel. Chatters can open multiple private chat windows at once, to talk to several people, and manage voice and video options on per conversation basis. Drawing board added to the visichat. It is easy to use and install.

Private picture and file sharing added. Block user feature, let users ignore others, so if a user block someone, the blocked user will not be able to send private message or view webcam of that user.

Create android keyboard app from repository open source code Ended. Multiple Rooms Chatroom list can contain an unlimited number of categorised rooms, with capped or uncapped number of connections, unique names, voice and video options. Voice Chat Voice chat empowers chatters to speak in their natural voice and language.

Random disconnections has been fixed. You can skip this in seconds Click here to continue. Country, State, City, Material status and About me.

Visichat Smiley

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Style management added, and its possible to customize whole colors through admin menu. Delete function if required. Need better verison of this. Chat Logs feature with many options in admin settings.

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Minimize button added for game window, also now its possible to drag the game window from title bar. Private Chat Private chat is self-contained in a compact and resizable chat window, with video, voice, rich text, and capability to send credit. Build a simple website page template Ended. Notification messages added for when a user joins or leaves a room.

Trophy icon Edit Logo Ended. My original illustrator got the project back in January and they as of yesterday have not started. Give out some flyers in central London Ended. Users can resize private chat window and bug fixes for room full, private voice.

It's possible to set banner display options, delays, expiry dates and more. It has fully featured range of moderation and administration tools. Must provide a wardrobe of varying clothes without large branded graphics on. Also speed lag issues has been fixed.

Languages enter languages. The website will be hosted on our web hosting platform. Must be somebody who speaks good english and is smiley.

Ability to set the picture for users, pictures swap with webcam as soon as users turn on their webcam. Featured Sealed Top Contest.

Your customer care staff will be able to see everyone in need of support in each room and answer their questions directly through private chat. It's possible to set transparency of the chat so your background picture will be visible from behind. More details will be given. This feature is accessed instantly by clicking on a document icon immediately above their text input. You can set idle time, idle disconnnect time and idle close cam and voice time to save bandwidth.

Source codes allow chat owners to customise the look and feel of the main interface, add new smileys and fine tune placement of widgets. Now possible to set max chat time between users, and window will warn and close once the chat session time finish. Smiley color to match the border color orange.

Mailing list bug has been fixed when visichat is integrated to the other scripts. Buddy List The Visichat buddy list is a quick way to organise your chat contacts and keep in touch across different rooms, with support for offline messaging. Camera Recording Video and voice streams can be captured with just a click of the mouse to a personal video gallery, wing chun training video and optionally shared with other chatters in Visichat. Hey Smiley - The other task got deleted. Smiley icons are not showing in messages.

The hat will have another logo inside of it. When a user minimizes private message windows, they appearas buttons in the taskbar, displaying the name of the other user. It supports multiple languages, platforms and payment gateways. User's Webcam appears in the user list area.

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It also has a guest mode, which gives you the pleasure of interactive visitor feedback and real-time sense of involvement with your community, but can be turned off on demand. Ability to disable user leave and join room messages or only show message when user connect to first room or leave the chat. Video gallery, games and connecting colours has been added to the styles, and its possible to change them. It is equipped with fully featured administrative options, video gallery, customisable banner tool, widgets and games.

Admin sets allowed file types. Script and vector assets are provided. Delete unnessary links at the bottom of.

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New smiley textfield added to the visichat, its much more faster than the old one, and also supports changing font size. Date not yet agreed, but at some point in June. Private chat in the software is as fully featured as public chat. Admin usernames appear in top of the user list and after that, alphabeticaly.

Voting let each user vote other users once, and it appear in roll over window. Chat Moderation Moderators can kick chatters, apply permanent or timed bans, silence, and more.