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At the same time, it can do all of these, sometimes a bit more subtly. It doesn't care much how member planets run things and only gets involved when interstellar trade is disrupted. Ankh-Morpork on the Discworld is one of these.

It works, at least for a while supposedly it collapsed somehow and was replaced with the Starways Congress of the later Ender books. The Hiver Federation acts like this towards minor races, manipulating them towards space travel and then joining them. Some few worlds are all too happy to join when recontacted, but most resist assimilation in some way. It then resumes when his great-granddaughter restores the Empire. If that doesn't work, they send in the Jem'Hadar to force them to join or die.

Contrary to popular belief, the Aztecs ran one of these, ruling through client kings, and demanding tribute, rather than obeisance, from those states they had defeated in battle. This is how the current iteration of the Fjordell Empire in Elantris works.

This Empire works a bit differently. Real Life The earliest example would be the Delian League of city-states c.

Contrary to popular

Whether this is actually true depends a lot on whom you are talking to. Web Original Most of the Archailects that rule the Sephirotic Empires of Orion's Arm prefer to expand by memetic engineering than messier forms of warfare.

The Holy Roman Empire during most of its reign, owing to the difficulty in getting most of the elector princes and other lords to back many serious military campaigns after the Crusades. The United States was founded with this in mind. The thought of the United States as a national identity did not gain mainstream support until the fallout of the Civil War General Robert E. Interestingly, some European leaders have actually called for Germany to act more like this, making them in essence voluntary vassals.

The Persians also avoided imposing their own religion or culture on subjects, barring that as followers of Zoroastrianism they banned slavery. The First Imperium initially expanded through economic domination, but the Second was a straight-up military conquest.

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They've only begun to turn into conquerors very recently, as there are simply no more countries willing to ally with them left. The Anderman Empire was always this. While there are times when bandits and rebellious lords have to get put down, the armies generally spend their time protecting the Empire from invasion by external forces. This model is similar to the methods used by the real-life Sassanid Persian Empire at the time see Real Life below.