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Definition of Turn-in by Merriam-Webster

Are these the hardest words in English? Get Word of the Day daily email! In some classes, students may revise their submissions to Turnitin to try to lower the score on the Originality Report.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The essays submitted by students are stored in a database used to check for plagiarism.

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It uses data-mining to compile a large database of electronic academic materials which it indexes and stores. Take the quiz Citation Do you know the person or title these quotes describe? The software has been a source of controversy, with some students refusing to submit, arguing that requiring submission implies a presumption of guilt.

Mount Saint Vincent University Senate. This prevents one student from using another student's paper, by identifying matching text between papers. Explore the year a word first appeared.

Verb In the end, mb movies this came down to a veteran driver turning in a flawless performance for the best team in Indy history. Resources for turn-in Time Traveler!

Are student papers kept confidential? Instead, it may mean that the student plagiarized from a work that is not available in the Turnitin database.

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Definition of Turn-in by Merriam-Webster

Take the quiz True or False? It is up to the users of Turnitin to analyze and interpret matching text in the Originality Report. What about student copyright? Teachers may also submit student papers to Turnitin. When a group of students filed suit against Turnitin on that basis, in Vanderhye et al.

If each team member submits the project, then of course Turnitin will detect that you are matching one another. Students find the Originality Report useful for editing papers that include too many quotes and paraphrases. No tricks, just difficult words. No database is entirely comprehensive and many sources are not digitally available.

Students may be required to submit work to Turnitin as a requirement of taking a certain course or class. The company's lawyers further claim that dissertations and theses also carry with them an implied permission to archive in a publicly accessible collection such as a university library. Time Traveler for turn-in The first known use of turn-in was in See more words from the same year. How can Turnitin be used as a teaching and learning tool?

Dictionary Entries near turn-in Turnices Turnicidae Turnicomorphae turn-in turn in turn indicator turning. Faculty can also use Turnitin as a tool to detect possible instances of plagiarism. This is because all matches are shown, even those where students cited properly.

Take the quiz Challenging Vocabulary Quiz Returns! Plan accordingly when working on a deadline.

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Where do I go for technical help? The Originality Report summarizes and highlights matching text. Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible.

Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. Results can identify similarities with existing sources, and can also be used in formative assessment to help students learn to avoid plagiarism and improve their writing.

It scans its own databases and also has licensing agreements with large academic proprietary databases. Faculty who need assistance setting up these options should contact the library directly. Faculty find the Originality Report useful as a tool to teach students proper citation practices and highlight the need for more student originality. Need even more definitions?

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Library Resources Turnitin Print Page. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. In other classes, this may not be an option for students. Statistics for turn-in Look-up Popularity. What about group projects in Turnitin?

Turnitin Type of business Subsidiary Type of site. State Name Spellings and Origins Your history teacher might not have mentioned.

If students are allowed to view their Originality Reports, revise their work, and resubmit to Turnitin, see Can students revise work that they submit to Turnitin? Your history teacher might not have mentioned. Examples of turn-in in a Sentence Verb turned in the banned assault rifle to the police it's almost midnight, so it's time to turn in.