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Multidisciplinarity draws on knowledge from different disciplines but stays within their boundaries. The operations closure of sciences, unlike the algebraic concept of closure, includes material corporeal objects that are bound together through operations. International Studies in the Philosophy of Science The fourth trend focuses on problem-solving of the life-world. Science builds a hyper-reality as it expands progressively.

Paradoxically, these convergences, on many occasions, give rise to new independent and sovereign disci- plines, at least when they are considered in terms of their academic institutionaliza- tion. Levels of complexity and levels of reality. The unification of these two sciences is neither the result of systems or chaos theories, nor is it the result of the unification of language. Hence, interdisciplinarity refers to an activity that exists among existing dis- ciplines or in a reciprocal relationship between them.

Definitions, objectives, and evidence of effectiveness. The disunities of sciences. As Martin Carrier states, most of actual science is not post-normal. Problems of teaching and research in universities.

The dynamics of science and research in contemporary societies. Finally, we discuss the different meanings of transdisciplinarity when it is applied to sciences.

Following these meanings, transdisciplinar- ity is that which concerns transcending the disciplines, going across and through the different disciplines, and beyond each individual discipline. Cultural studies, identity and politics between the modern and the post- modern. Context, contradictions and capacity.

The first one is a truly important one, and I find it of greatest interest for philosophers of science. However, social, mathematized disciplines claim a strictly scientific status. Hacking quotes Maxwell as an example of the belief in the unity of one universe amenable to scientific description. The two anonymous referees of International Studies in the Philosophy of Science made innumerable and valuable suggestions to improve the first version of this article.

The first oneHowever social mathematized disciplines claim