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The move was the result of several factors. Darlington suffered from poor ticket sales, particularly in the spring.

The move was the result

But then Cappie's past comes back to haunt her, bringing Bentley's mistrust of women back to the forefront. It makes him see her in a new light. It's got all her standards and no surprises. The bonus book is, I believe, a standalone. Jennifer lost her job and with a mountain of debt draining her savings, she goes back to Atlanta to do temp work and regain her health.

The immaturity is over the top even for Palmer and I didn't like it at all. Still, he gives her work and it isn't long before the two grow close. The just over immature feel bugged me though. Racers will frequently explain that they have to race the racetrack, not their competition. And when situations keep tossing them together, romance blooms.

Darlington suffered from poor

The race was won by Johnny Mantz in a car owned by France. If you took out this one element, I would have liked the book more. We'll do a short review here because there really isn't much to say. Then he realizes he screwed up and has to win her back.

All in all, I thought it was a fairly solid story. But what I didn't like about the book was this sort of immature tone it had to it. But upon arrival, nothing goes right.