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However, credit where credit is due. As he reaches milestones along the way, scenes from his memory play, showing him falling in love and building a life. As two minutes ticks off the clock, you'll go from humans to cars to eventually swallowing entire buildings. You can play single player in the campaign or get your friends into the action in co-op mode. This is sort of a unique selection in that the gaming elements of The End of the World are not why we're adding it to this list.

In this game, you're stuck in prison serving hard time. Reaching out on comms, Taylor is able to find a single person, a single lifeline. The higher your level, the farther and faster you can hit the ball. The simplicity of the streamlined head-to-head gameplay allows players to concentrate on their next move in the battle, giving the game a more cerebral feel.

The Best Android Games Currently Available (May )

Overall, it's just a delightfully chaotic game that gets your heart pumping as you try to make your getaway. If you like exploration survival games with a rich story and complex depths, Failbetter's steampunkish Sunless Sea is an experience not to be missed.

The colours and unlockable palette and music, as well as a genuine sense of progression through the game, elevate Polywarp in the field of twitch arcade mobile games. This hybridisation is a delight for mobile gaming, movie double dhamaal and there are more hiss-terical cat puns than you can shake a tail at. Puzzle game Linelight is a representation of the very best mobile gaming has to offer.

But so engrossing, and so satisfying. It's baffling and fascinating in equal measures. After a win, you collect credits and can unlock new equipment to make your military force stronger for the next opponent.

The incredibly charming Hidden Folks uses a similar principle, but way more so and with a delightful soundtrack made up entirely of vocalisations. The Escapists In this game, you're stuck in prison serving hard time. From there, you can hide out in buildings and shrubbery as you lay in wait for opponents to step into your path. Can you keep them alive in the face of raiders, radroaches, and other threats? This free game is fun on its own, but you can also use in-app purchases to buy new skins and it even has a Battle Pass a la Fortnite you can buy to earn cosmetic items as you play.

Alto s Adventure

Alto s Adventure

It ramps up when the time manipulation aspect comes into play, which brings clones onto the board. Glitchskier Back in the days of floppy discs, games would sometimes be constructed from symbols on the screen representing the elements of the gameplay. Obstacles slow you down and in later levels you have to circumvent jeering bullies. Your base units are ones and twos, which you can push together to create a three. Destroying all humans has never been so much fun.

Be warned, if it's not clear already, the controls can be complex, but after some practice, landing that big air trick is definitely satisfying. Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze is part point-and-click, part visual novel, seeing you scouring various scenes for clues and fabulous outfits to solve a series of mysteries. In other words, this is one heck of a port.

The 50 best Android games from epic RPGs to tiny puzzlers

The deaths can be pretty gory. Another great feature is that you can play Wayward Souls without being connected to the internet, giving you a great game to play without using data. This involves amassing wealth, fighting horrific monsters, managing resources and crew, and making decisions at story points along the route. It harkens back to old build and attack games, but with the cool feature of being able to strategize against real people online.

There are six character classes to choose from, each with their own special abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Add to that the superb gameplay and the terrific voice acting, and it's not hard to see why Transistor managed to work its way all the top of this list. Taylor is the sole survivor of the crash of the Varia, on a barren moon somewhere in the vicinity of Tau Ceti. Polywarp Polywarp wears its Super Hexagon influence proudly on its sleeve, but it's absolutely its own beast. While it's not a complicated game, Flip Skater is perfect for those times you want to get in, play some games and get out.

Forsaken Destiny is a lovely foray into the exploration puzzler. It's also compatible with the Apple Watch, where you can receive notifications when Taylor is ready to talk. It's wonderfully done, offering both an endless option and levels that you can play, and all wrapped up in a gorgeous glowing neon package. This physics-based puzzler is minimalistic and heaps of fun, playing out in bite-sized levels.

Beglitched At last, a game that combines hacking and witchcraft! You're going to want to give this one a shot.

Usually, my ball catches up to theirs and bumps it past the hole, keeping enough momentum to trickle in behind. Alto's Adventure Snowboarding at high speed has never been as relaxing as it is in Alto's Adventure. It's very strange, and very lovely, and a game that will challenge even the very best Pong players.

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Baseball Boy This free baseball hitting game is another one of those simple games that are perfect for when you only have a few minutes to kill. It's tremendously exciting, especially when your virus grows strong enough to mutate on its own, as you race against the development of a cure. The Google Play library has more than its fair share of Clash of Clans rip-offs - but there are diamonds in the rough.

Which one is best for you? There are tons of in-app purchases here, to be sure, but you can easily avoid them. You manipulate objects to stay put on the screen, whether it's a ball or a Meccano-style articulated object that you move by tapping.

It's a strange, beautiful, sad, experimental adventure game about a warrior on a mysterious quest. Created by a team of former Secret of Mana developers, Egglia is as strange, and as lovely, as you might expect. Cast, plot, release date by Bonnie Burton. Beautiful endless mountain scenery, amazing day-to-night transitions and a mesmerizing soundtrack you should definitely wear headphones make this is a must have on any device. The randomly generated world means every time you start anew it will be a different experience and will take you hours of gameplay to discover all the map's secrets.

The 50 best Android games from epic RPGs to tiny puzzlers

All three games in the series hit that brilliant, elusive spot between mentally challenging and satisfying. Limbo is another of those games that sparked the imagination so much that imitators proliferated like baby rabbits. This year too we have a solid collection of games for you. Splitter Critters is one adorable and clever puzzler.