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Too Good For Her Own Good by Claudia Bepko download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Women are free to choose the corporate track and to sequence their pregnancies, but they are not free not to be mothers and not to care about relationships. They suggest that women's struggle to be good is a compensation for historical messages which tell women that they are inferior and deficient in comparison with men. Read the list for recognizing over-responsibility below and see if any of them fit.

Good is too good when you're

The code of goodness has been instilled in women in many subtle ways. You do things for other people that they could or should do for themselves.

Good is too good when you're trapped in an addiction cycle. As much as we may love it, most of us are out of balance with it, most by necessity rather than by choice. Rather than focusing on being attractive, we can focus on being comfortable. It's certainly not a prescription of rules so much as some ideas about what a woman who has broken free would look like.

As much as we may

Good is too good if you're suffering panic attacks. So a lot of your work focuses on helping people stay in their process of change.