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When his tongue traced her

Masquerading as her twin during her sister's wedding rehearsal is almost too much for Jessica Parks. She shook it in frustration, then sank back and just hugged herself. There was no lantern lit, and both windows had a curtain drawn down over them. And then it was over, and she thanked God for solid ground.

He turned his back and went to the window, while she hastily dried herself and pulled on a dressing gown Mrs. Her face felt hot at knowing this man, this stranger, stood behind her and watched such an intimate act. She was trembling so badly she swayed.

He glanced down to her breasts again, and she stiffened. As she scrambled to sit upright, her captor looked through the doorway, his shoulders blocking the meager moonlight. Practically tripping in her haste, she stepped over the edge and sat in the tub, cursing that the water barely covered her breasts, no matter how deeply she sank. But his lips were warm, and glided over hers with purpose, parted gently as if he wanted to taste her.

No open front or stomacher to pin into place. He reached the door before she could. Drawing her closer, he gave her another shake.

Riona on the other hand, needed some convincing, but watching the attachment towards Hugh grow, gave me all sorts of warm butterflies. Not that she felt it with her own feet, because she was suddenly tossed into the interior of the coach, where she landed hard on a leather-covered bench. She also writes contemporary romances as Emma Cane.

Her head reeled

When his tongue traced her lower lip, she jerked back in surprise. Her head reeled with dizziness. Hugh and Riona were such a wonderful pair to follow through the book and as I watched the two fall in love, something wonderful settled within my heart. Gritting her chattering teeth, she felt forced to allow this intimacy. She was used to the sounds of London, carriages at all hours of the night, the calls of street vendors and their customers even before dawn.

At first, Hugh cares only what their marriage can do for his people. For a big man, he moved with speed. She was hanging upside-down, the world spinning around her, the rough wool of his coat against her mouth, his arm across the back of her thighs as he bent to grip the rope.

Jessica reluctantly enters a marriage of convenience but doesn't count on the explosive chemistry she shares with her mysterious husband. When Lady Riona is awaken in the middle of the night by a Scot that has found his way into the room, the last thing she expected was to be swept away out of her home and into the highlands. There is hatred and anger inside me, nothing else. Hugh had never told a woman he loved her before, but he didn't think abject sobbing was the right response. She closed her eyes and clutched his coat with both hands, too terrified to do anything other than pray.