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His mother had been born

After the war she returned to the United States and met Shaheen. Today, our employees strive to provide our customers with first-class flooring products. The years of combat caused Afghanistan a lot of suffering and a lot of loss of life and no gains because the country is not secure.

The world has four corners. Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan on the other end. Badkhen has spent her adult life as a journalist in the war-wrecked hinterlands of Central Asia, Arabia, and Africa. He had been seventy years old already then.

Its founder, Shaheen Shaheen, introduced numerous innovations to the carpet industry in the latter half of the twentieth century. We remain dedicated to that craftsman spirit today as we look to the future of flooring developed at our independent research center. After he stopped breathing she took him to the hospital. Upon graduation from college Shaheen became a salesman for Katherine Chenilles in the Midwest before settling in Dalton to manage the company's office and oversee its manufacturing. For a few beats he studied me, to make sure he had heard me correctly, or else wondering what kind of creature I was, displaced, tribeless, uncouth.

Barbaglia's expertise with finance and office management matched Shaheen's manufacturing experience and innovative marketing and labor skills. His mother had been born addicted to opium and had given the baby opium that morning to hush his crying but must have miscalculated the dose. You may think you have learned all about Afghanistan from the years our soldiers have spent time there, but this is not that Afghanistan.

Barbaglia's expertise with

Baba Nazar was seventy years old.

But Baba Nazar was a gracious man, and with me he was patient. During this period Shaheen met and married Piera Barbaglia, who was born in Mystic, Iowa, and reared in northern Italy. There is Pakistan on one end.

Yes, the world is a carpet. This is the Afghanistan experienced by the women who live there. Nine months later I would ask again and he still would be seventy.