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The Whimsical Bakehouse by Kaye Hansen download in iPad, ePub, pdf

They may be the best choice, but I bought the primary candy colors figuring I could mix from those. It also withstands the higher end of the melting temperatures for shortening, F, it would be close to the F.

Her buttercream was a dream come true for me. It colours best when you use the high-ratio shortening. Because of the high fat to sugar ratio which makes this icing less sweet, it is not a crusting icing. Her cake recipes are very good also.

The use of boiling water cooks out some of that raw starch flavor, and the resulting texture is much smoother. However this may change the taste somewhat. Even a non baker would enjoy just looking at the colorful pictures in this book.

Candy making scared me to death. Unfortunately, the blue is not true blue and when mixed with red does not produce purple, but brown. After getting this book from the library, twice, I had to buy my own copy. Really, I like just browse through the book. So, I took a chance and used my Wilton icing gel colors, even though the authors said they wouldn't work.

It also withstands the higherThey may be