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The Wave by Algernon Blackwood download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Idun finds Sondre, but the tsunami approaches too quickly. Kristian sends Julia up the mountain with Thomas Anna's husband and Teresa, their daughter. Time is quickly running out, but Idun refuses to leave him. Kristian realizes he miraculously survived the maelstrom, but finds Anna next to him dead, having been impaled by a large piece of debris.

The team tells Kristian not to worry, they will check it out. Kristian finds his son's backpack in one of the rooms, and feeling hopeless, he furiously bangs some exposed pipes with a metal rod.

She and her colleague Vibeke desperately attempt to evacuate the hotel patrons onto a waiting bus, but Sondre is no where to be found. The town has been wiped off the map, and he finds the evacuation bus, filled with dead passengers, including Vibeke. With ten minutes on the countdown, Kristian rushes to Geiranger with Julia to pick up his wife and son, but Idun orders them to ascend to safety.

Kristian sends JuliaIdun finds Sondre but the tsunami

The noises are heard by Idun and Sondre, who then respond in like. While it seems Kristian has drowned and Idun accepts his death, Sondre gives one last frantic effort at revival, which pays off. Kristian drives home with her to stay there one last time. There, he convinces them the waters are having a profound effect on the crevasse. With the situation worsening, Philip panics and pushes Idun and Sondre underwater in a frenzied attempt to breathe.