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Those who endorse this

Intimacy without intrusion or observation is required for us to have experiences with spontaneity and without shame. Those who endorse this view may be called coherentists. In his widely cited dissenting opinion in Olmstead v. Inness argues that intimacy is based not on behavior, but on motivation.

University of North Carolina Press. Cornell University Press Nissenbaum, H. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

This requires a shared moral culture for establishing social order. Immigration officials in Australia are considering proposals to tag asylum seekers with electronic trackers before sending them into the community to await hearings. We need more shades and more blinds and more virtual curtains.

Cambridge University Press Pennock, J. There may also be concerns about safety, if for example one is wary of becoming the victim of crime or stalking.

Intimacy without intrusion or observation

Even a discussion of those circumstances is regarded as intrusive and typically unwelcome. And once it has found out everything about you and two hundred million others, that's a very valuable asset, and people will be tempted to trade and do commerce with that asset. This is an aspect of personal modesty. At the heart of the Internet culture is a force that wants to find out everything about you.

John Marshall Publishing Co. For Posner, employment is selling oneself in the labour market, which he believes is like selling a product. In North America, Samuel D. Cambridge University Press Solove, D. Harvard University Press Prosser, W.

An information landscape consists of the information, its location in the so-called network, as well as its availability, awareness, and usability. Harvard University Press Mead, M. Cambridge University Press Scanlon, T.

Yet the set-up of the information landscape means that information that is available in one place may not be available somewhere else. According to some experts, many commonly used communication devices may be mapping every move of their users. Organizations may seek legal protection for their secrets. Medical information could also reveal other aspects of one's personal life, such as sexual preferences or proclivity. In sum, he accuses Douglas and the Court majority of inventing a new right, and thus overstepping their bounds as judges by making new law, not interpreting the law.