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Since forcing him to compete in the Tri Wizard Tournament, he had lost his faith and respect for the old man. Dropping his head, he bit into the side of his cheek to keep from crying in front of the people that were now gathered around. He was tired of living the nightmare that his life was and he just wanted it all to end. Bruce seemed like a really nice guy, maybe he would know somewhere where he could hide from his uncle. Clint frowned at Harry, confused by his actions.

He had a huge breakfast not even an hour ago and I don't want him causing any trouble. By the way you're holding it, I would guess that it is broken and dislocated. His uncle very rarely prepared him so he wasn't expecting it this time. The larger boy was obviously the rude man's son, he was just as fat and just as piggy looking as the man.

Besides, it gets me away from my relatives. On the other side of the room was a large fully stocked bar, pool table and the older style video games and pinball machines. Stark, I will have his personal assistant contact you to set up the first available appointment. Harry cried out and tears filled his eyes when his uncle grabbed him by his badly broken arm. He wished now that he would have let the other guy teach him a lesson.

Tony has set aside a

He was almost positive that the uncle was the cause of the boy's broken arm. If he wants to start trouble, then he has to suffer the consequences. Just ask and I can have it here in thirty minutes. Harry was surprised to find a pair of jeans, long sleeved black shirt, red hoody and cheap sneakers that were all in his size. Pepper walked into the room and took one look at the boy and cursed.

He was desperate for oxygen and bright spots were bursting before his eyes. Vernon stumbled backwards almost falling on his overly large ass. Spinning around in circles taking in the view he noticed that he was up higher than any other building that he could see.

Tony has set aside a few floors for those that live here and we all share a kitchen, dining and living room. The Dursley's were now gone and he would never have to see them again.

It's going to be at least two hours before the results are back and I didn't want to listen to your son whine the entire time. Everything now was going to be new and unknown, with the Dursley's he knew what he had to do and what to expect. His uncle really worked him over last night and he had countless bruises on his face as proof. He wasn't the brave hero that everyone expected and he tried to live up to.

The Dursley's were now