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Communication is the basis for individuals and groups to make sense of their organization, what it is and what it means. In a formal communication network, messages travel through official pathways e. It is often reinforced with internal and external resources, and there should be no mistake about who is in charge.

In such an instance the startup organization should be a total mobilisation of all necessary and available resources within and outside the firm. The importance of post-startup activities is seldom touched upon in the literature. Theory Y managers believe employees are highly motivated, creative and driven to satisfy their needs for achievement.

Simply put, Theory X managers believe workers lack motivation, resist change and are indifferent to organizational goals. Communication is vital for exchanging information in and among subsystems through multidirectional channels which are used in internal communications. As pointed out, problems often occur in handovers and in organizational interfaces, and this interface is no exception.

If not, this model may end up in tears. Nevertheless, even small startups integrated in a very large production environment may cause serious problems if not prepared and executed well, as has been pointed out in the previous presentation. New perspectives continue to appear. While training does help develop certain types of skill, a learning organisation involves the development of higher levels of knowledge and skill. Fiedler said that leaders should first define a contingency and then determine the most appropriate leadership behaviors to deal with it.

Referring to the previous presentation, nothing could be more wrong, since startup is and always will be an extreme event which consequently demands well adapted organizational solutions. Culture for Communication Public relations excellence theory is grounded in a systems perspective Dozier et al. It helps leaders at all levels improve employee morale, retain employees and uncover and resolve problems. From the start of pre-commissioning activities, and naturally in preparations long before startup, the intermediate organization takes full responsibility for all startup activities. It is noteworthy that past experience of startups does not make very pleasant reading, and the reasons for startup delays and stumbles appear to be many and varied.

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Because of that, a retrospective literature survey of startups has already been initiated, where general aspects of startups will be structured and presented in more detail in a forthcoming article. These included customer focus, employee empowerment, trust, shared values and lean organizational structures. Recognizing and celebrating achievements at all levels helps build shared values and organizational identity. At the same time the project organization sometimes has a tendency to disappear too soon after pre-commissioning is finished. Internal communication also provides employees with important information about their jobs, organization, environment and each other.

These approaches focused on opposing assumptions that managers may hold for workers, and the corresponding behaviors of managers. Human Resources Approaches The human resources approach Miles, was widely adopted by organizations in the s. Channels are categorized as print, electronic or F-T-F interpersonal. Channels Face-to-face communication is the richest medium.

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