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What remains of the oldest of Mount Shasta's four cones is exposed at Sargents Ridge on the south side of the mountain. Most mountaintops, especially tall mountains, are Beacons of Light, feeding the light-grids of this planet. All inhabitants of the Earth at that time considered Lemuria, their motherland, and there was much weeping on the Earth at the time of its destruction. Strange lights and sounds are often seen or heard on the mountain.

The dim memory of their far distant Lemurian ancestry is calling them back to a former point of origin. On a clear day, Mount Shasta stands as a white jewel and can be seen from at least miles away.

Brown spent many days exploring, studying the hieroglyphics, and indelibly imprinting them in his mind. Some of the golden plates he found were engraved with certain drawings and hieroglyphics. We chose to enlarge these caverns to make them bigger and more livable. We have not yet, as a species, understood that we are guests here on this planet.

Since the creation of the Hotlum Cone, a dacite dome intruded the cone and now forms the summit. Eighty eager Stockton residents, including a newspaper editor, a museum curator, a retired printer, several scientists, and other solid citizens formed a group to investigate the tunnel with J.

Mount Shasta is not

Many of the climbing routes can be descended by experienced skiers, and there are numerous lower-angled areas around the base of the mountain. Mount Shasta is not only a home for the Lemurians, but it is also an inter-planetary and inter-galactic multi-dimensional portal. The west face gulley is an alternate climbing route to the summit.

Hamilton, who tell me many unusual stories. She does not seek publicity and I had a devil of a time getting her to meetings to talk with others, but she has done so. By the s and s, Mount Shasta was the subject of scientific and literary interest. To discover much more about this wondrous mountain, you can purchase the three books of the Telos series and other publications by Aurelia Louise Jones. He began to see that it was not a small cave and after much digging found himself in a tunnel which curved downward into the mountain.

Many of the climbing routes can