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However, this consensus, invoked in the name of patriotism p. Nonetheless, the Observatory Affair cast a lasting shadow over Mitterrand's reputation. Although some of this criticism is justified, most of it is not.

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You are not currently authenticated. He became the first left-wing politician elected President of France by universal suffrage. The Socialists obtained an absolute parliamentary majority, and four Communists joined the cabinet. Prosecution was initiated against Mitterrand but was later dropped.

When Mitterrand's involvement in these conservative nationalist movements was revealed in the s, he attributed his actions to the milieu of his youth. Educational programmes were implemented to help immigrant communities, while immigrants were allowed the right to free association. Allowances for the handicapped were improved, while improvements were also made in the pay and conditions for those serving in the army. Also in that same year, on the Avenue de l'Observatoire in Paris, Mitterrand claimed to have escaped an assassin's bullet by diving behind a hedge, in what became known as the Observatory Affair. Mitterrand was in Paris at the time.

He appeared as a possible future Prime Minister. He named Pierre Mauroy as Prime Minister and organised a new legislative election. Georges Pompidou faced the centrist Alain Poher in the second round.

Mitterrand returned to France by boat via England. This was very unusual for an escaped prisoner, and he later claimed to have served as a spy for the Free French Forces. Consensus and Continuity in the Mitterrand Era.

Mitterrand returned to France