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But the information age has ushered in an unprecedented era of complexity and dysfunction. Maybe it feels awkward to you to express gratitude, or to give somebody a compliment they richly deserve. This final essential leadership trait holds the key to experiencing success with the other four. Push yourself out of your comfort zone with giving praise, too.

They practice their craft deliberately and treat interruptions as opportunities. To build the authenticity habit, practice declaring yourself by telling people exactly who you are, what you believe, and how you intend to lead. Fear can show up in different ways for different leaders. Practice engaging with more humility by listening better, reading more, being more open-minded, and giving credit to others generously. Then we tested almost leaders from around the world in a standardized, live simulation to identify which leadership behaviors are the most important.

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We initially identified different micro-behaviors. There is research to support the importance of humility to an effective leadership habit. Over time, the power of your habits is likely to surprise you as your leadership effectiveness grows and grows. In our research, we found that many leaders possess certain skills already, but they need to work on others.

Then we wrote a

Force yourself to do it anyway. Then we wrote a Leader Habit exercise for each micro-behavior, so that people could easily turn it into a habit by practicing for only a few minutes a day.