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His last known onscreen

Wood co-wrote the screenplays and occasionally acted. Morgan, starring Playboy model Jean Moorhead. The scenes of teenagers at a pizza place were shot in for the unfinished juvenile delinquency film Rock and Roll Hell a. One of Wood's first paid jobs was as a cinema usher, and he also sang and played drums in a band. Wood spent the weekend drinking vodka.

Wood handled various production details while Stephen C. The couple moved into the North Hollywood apartment of their friend, actor Peter Coe. Throughout the s, Wood worked with friend Stephen C. Outside of a brief New York theatrical engagement, the film did not receive a commercial release in the United States, and was only available on video in Germany due to contractual difficulties.

Fuller later said she initially had no idea that Wood was a crossdresser and was mortified when she saw Wood dressed as a woman in Glen or Glenda. Criswell, wearing one of Lugosi's old capes, rises from his coffin to deliver an introduction taken almost word-for-word from the previous film. Conrad Brooks appeared in the movie, in a cameo role of Barman.

Bela Lugosi was supposed to play the lead role of the plastic surgeon, but was busy working on another film project when filming started and had to bow out. For many years, it was thought to be a lost film. Apostolof directed under the pseudonym A. Numerous parties and concerts are held worldwide to celebrate Woodmas.

Lugosi's son, Bela Lugosi Jr. His last known on-screen appearance was in Apostolof's Fugitive Girls a. Lugosi had become dependent on morphine as a way of controlling his debilitating sciatica over the years, and was in a horrendous physical state. The film begins with a recreation of the opening scene from the then-unreleased Night of the Ghouls.

Lugosi's son Bela Lugosi Jr