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In the Ostrogoths had elected Totila as their new leader and had mounted a vigorous campaign against the Romans, recapturing all of northern Italy and even driving the Romans out of Rome. Belisarius contributed immensely to the expansion of the empire. The charge is presumed to be trumped-up and modern research suggests that his former secretary Procopius of Caesarea may have judged his case.

Belisarius owned the estateThe oldest of

The oldest of them is the historical treatise by his secretary, Procopius. Belisarius owned the estate of Rufinianae on the Asiatic side of the Constantinople suburbs.

Justinian had already come to fear that so popular a commander might win sufficient prestige to aim at his throne. He captured Sisauranon, a small Persian fort to the east. Belisarius was acclaimed throughout the East for his success in repelling the Persians.

However that may be, he remains the patron saint of Ponza today. Empress Theodora reportedly helped and saved Antonina when Belisarius tried to charge his wife at last. The Vandals had launched many pirate raids on Roman trade interests, hurting commerce in the western areas of the Empire.