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By the following month, the regiment was itself based in Reich territory. Leclerc, for his part, still regarded aviation as a kind of appendage, of such minor importance that it might as well not be there to support the ground forces at all. Any personnel making the transfer would be exempted from any wrongdoing. This command does not possess aircraft. Thus, the regiment became the only air combat group from a western European country apart from the brief intervention by No.

Vb Spitfires with the more capable Mk. It was during this campaign that Joseph Stalin allowed the regiment to style itself Normandie-Niemen in recognition of its participation in the battles to liberate the river of that name. Both aircraft sustained damage but made it back to base.

Its headquarters is at Metz. Both in France and abroad, bases have almost similar infrastructure to provide standardised support. Instead it exercises operational control over units of the Air Forces Command. Flying activity in France is carried out by a network of bases, platforms and French air defence radar systems.

Vb Spitfires with the more

The very next day, however, a Lysander crashed on landing, injuring its pilot, who had to be evacuated to hospital. Overseas, fighters, transport aircraft and helicopters allow quick response to any request for assistance that falls within international agreements. An airbase commander has authority over all units stationed on his base. The main targets of this project were to simplify the command structure, to regroup all military and civil air force functions and to rationalise and optimise all air force units. By that day, the regiment had shot down enemy aircraft and had received many citations and decorations.

The directorate is responsible for Air Force recruitment via the recruiting bureau. Those forces included about twenty various Groups equipped mainly with Dewoitine D.

It was during this campaign