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Farther north one can find the Asimina triloba reaching small tree height and in the coastal areas Asimina parviflora. It can be found in slightly damp or occasionally damp areas. It transfers a fungus to the plants which wipes them out. That made a concentrate and we added enough water to that once strained to make a gallon.

Some people have a very several allergic reaction to pawpaws. This self-seeded between the paving stones on her patio recently but I'm not really sure when they started. Thomas Jefferson planted some at his Monticello. We have planted hosta and pachysandra for their ground cover.

Deane, you mentioned in your video that one could pick and ripen the fruit off the plant. What if all these are bluebells as well. Daniel Austin in Florida Ethnobotany says he presumes they are all edible.

Farther north one can

The plant in this pot is from seed sown in previous years. Excellent well researched article. My parents knew how and when to harvet it from the woods. At the bottom of the stem is a new flower emerging. It's similar to deadnettle so maybe I just didn't take note before.

This is somewhat close to the Latin word for monkey, simia. This was my original cat's ear pic from and I'll be honest, I'm not sure if it's cat's ear.