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Miranda talks Tarquin into killing her sister, and so he attempts to shoot her but fails. She was attacked for her private life, the morality of her plays was questioned and she was accused of plagiarising The Rover. It is the first English novel written by a female writer. The novel became a great success. Seeing this, she skilfully enflames the boy to the point of madness, finally hinting that if he will do as she asks of him, he will get all the reward he could desire.

Miranda's maid tells her about Henrick's

The detail of the scimitar suggests an eyewitness, too. After John Dryden she was the most prolific writer of the English Restoration.

Like her contemporary male libertines, she wrote freely about sex. Today she is mostly known for the novels she wrote in the later part of her life.

Tarquin botches the job even worse than Van Brune, and is immediately captured. It was based on Behn's travel to Surinam twenty years earlier. It is speculated that she went travelling again, possibly in her capacity as a spy.

This section needs additional citations for verification. In the preface to Sir Patient Fancy she argued that she was being singled out because she was a woman, while male playwrights were free to live the most scandalous lives and write bawdy plays. Upon which, the people being in a tumult, he was carried back to the Townhouse, and is in hopes both of his pardon and his recovery.

Miranda's maid tells her about Henrick's tragic past in a story within a story. This succession of box-office successes led to frequent attacks on Behn. She invites her sister to move in with her and Tarquin so that she can pilfer from her sister's funds.

This succession of

Behn states that Behn was born to Bartholomew Johnson, a barber, and Elizabeth Denham, a wet-nurse. Behn supported the Tory position and in the two years between and produced five plays to discredit the Whigs. The King associated with playwrights that poured scorn on marriage and the idea of consistency in love.

The London audience, mainly Tory sympathisers, attended the plays in large numbers. Miranda then sends a servant to poison Alcidiana, which he does, but Alcidiana does not die and the servant reveals Miranda's plan to the authorities.