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The Empire Collection Volume III by Anthony Riches download in iPad, ePub, pdf

This miniseries concerns

As a conclusion to the Empire collections though, this is fairly satisfying, but really I would have loved some closer on the Dass Jennir storyline. This miniseries follows an attempted uprising by a general in the Empire. The collection starts out very very strong with Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison.

This story succeeds in wrapping up K'Kruhk's arc fairly well and has some incredibly disturbing sequences regarding the refugees. There probably won't be any more Empire Epic Collections, the are other Epic Collections to collect the other various Star Wars comics. Every Star Wars fan should read this.

It's almost all action

It really let me down learning that we'll never figure out what happens to Dass and the Uhuleme. Darth Vader and the assassin he was training discover their location and it results in an action packed confrontation between the characters. It's awesome, but it suffers big time for one reason. So enjoyable and intense, I was blown away by some of the crazy things that happen in this miniseries.

It's almost all action but it's not as clear as it needs to be. This miniseries concerns a very rich businessman whose son was killed by Vader and he hires one of the most elusive, infamous assassins in the galaxy to kill Darth Vader. This story is almost pure furious action, just Darth Vader flexing his powers. It's a middle of the road affair in general. The storyline itself ends very well, but it's not a satisfying conclusion to the series.

It really should be it's own movie. But the urge to exact his own brutal justice upon the shadowy cabal of assassins who butchered his family means that he must face them on their own ground, risking his own death at their hands.

Ghost Prison still holds up - I was less impressed with the Ninth Assassin this time. They have made their way to a refugee camp after crashing on a planet, but discover some horrifying truth's about what's happening to the refugees there. He recruits those enemies to help him and the Emperor get their Empire back. This story is insanely good, even beyond being a Star Wars story. It's so dark and gritty, easily the best Darth Vader story you'll ever read.

Darth Vader is investigating a cult on a distant planet who have attempted to kill the Emperor. Darth Vader is busy training the assassin, who failed to kill Dass in the last Dark Times arc, to prepare him to help hunt Jedi, namely Dass. The action in this one is excellent, as well as the dramatic turns it takes. Spark Remains, they were both okay, but not great.