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The Ecology of Freshwater Molluscs by Robert T. Dillon download in iPad, ePub, pdf

The index, listing the scientific names of species mentioned in the book, is very helpful for those seeking solely information on specific species. The extensive bibliographic coverage with over one thousand entries is commendable especially because it covers a large, scattered international repertoire.

The organization of this book is excellent. Hopefully, this book will attract more scientists from diverse disciplines to work on these remarkable organisms. It also embraces the extensive literature dealing with molluscan communities, and covers aspects of competition from conspecifics and from related and unrelated species. It then expands into life history and modeling aspects to explain population dynamics and delves a bit in genetics, environment and demogeography. Copyright Gale, Cengage Learning.

This is a great feat considering the large diversity of freshwater molluscs. Perhaps the most important underlying theme of this book in this age of reductionism is its illustrating the wonder and diversity of molluscan life styles. Tables have been simply formatted and are easy to read.

The general appearance and layout of the book are good. Parasitism and predation in understanding spatial and temporal facets of population regulation are succinctly covered. It covers many features of molluscs such as size at birth to maturity and life cycle patterns. Endemism is common in some families, and species may be endemic to a single creek or spring. It is well written and nicely presented in a relatively compact volume.

Hopefully this book will attract moreThe organization of this book