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Ultimately, Huxley discusses heaven and hell and a middle ground that he feels can be reached through the use of mescalin. Huxley also makes reference to a variety of religious beliefs throughout this essay.

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Further research revealed that lysergic acid, an extremely potent hallucinogen derived from ergot, has a structural biochemical relationship to the others. But what I had expected did not happen.

The Doors of Perception is a detailed account of the first time. It is hardly possible that it will impress anyone endowed with common sense and a critical faculty. Or, at least, some people said he was.

Pepper's was not exactly what he intended. Although it is awful in many regards, Island still holds the charm of Huxley's cultured prose and fertile mind. Plenty of it, but exactly how much was entirely irrelevant.

The message was the drug and its astonishing potential. They have performed for a variety of venues in Florida, from local bars to large festivals. But now I'm in the realm of speculation. But in Judith's skirt I could clearly see what, if I had been a painter of genius, I might have made of my old gray flannels. The books, for example, with which my study walls were lined.

It is quite evident the man truly had a beautiful mind. It marked forgive me the high point in a lifelong obsession. To primitive religion and the Indians of Mexico and the American Southwest it was a friend of immemorially long standing. To see ourselves as others see us is a most salutary gift.

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Andrew is an avid music fan with eclectic taste but has a particular fondness for the energy and experimentation of the psychedelic rock era. Glenn has played with bands that have opened for the Marshall Tucker Band, and performed at Graceland for two consecutive summers. Huxley also broadly explores why people take drugs, some of what they experience when they are under the influence of drugs, and the need for all people to have visionary experiences.

It would be rash and premature to affirm it. It's in that things become murky. True, the perspective looked rather odd, and the walls of the room no longer seemed to meet in right angles. But I had not reckoned, it was evident, with the idiosyncrasies of my mental make-up, the facts of my temperament, training and habits. In the mescalin experience the implied questions to which the eye responds are of another order.