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The Demon's Surrender by Sarah Rees Brennan download in iPad, ePub, pdf

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His name is vagely similar to the classical demon's name, Pazuzu. These things are not compatible.

Such a nice boy, they all said. Nick, who never wanted to talk or play or be friends, looked as comfortable as he did in the dancing circle with the demons. What tourists really paid for were answers from demons, and to get those you had to dance. But now Mama was finally ready to dance again, they would be all right. Merris Cromwell - The mysterious, unofficial leader of the Goblin Market.

In the lore of the book, humans can either be born with magical powers, or can make pacts with demons who will grant them power or use their own magic. It was the way characters understood how people's perceptions of them affected how they acted and thought of themselves. Liannan - An icy demon, succubus, who thinks that Nick is her past lover. There are other plot holes I could nitpick, but that's not really the point.

They're just fine with not killing people as long as the power keeps flowing through other means. It's one of the fundamental tenets of the story that magic makes the user crazy.

They're just fine with

He was almost as tall as his brother now. The musicians were high on the white cliffs, streaked with shadows by the twilight, and the Market itself was being held on a platform a few steps up from the shingled beach. Mama had been too sick to dance, and she never accepted help from anyone.