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The Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer download in iPad, ePub, pdf

When Horatia returns she doesn't realise her husband has taken Lethbridge's place and they begin to play cards. While she is away fixing her dress, he incapacitates Lethbridge and dresses himself in Lethbridge's mask and domino. The other spouse has committed a felony. The wedding takes place and, as tacitly agreed upon, the Earl continues his association with his mistress, Lady Caroline Massey. But when her only brother beseeched her to marry Dr.

While she is

She does not bring much to the bargain. This delightful romp was made all the more enjoyable by this new audio recording by British stage and screen actor Richard Armitage.

Rule sets off back to London, meets Lethbridge on the way and the two men have a swordfight, which Rule wins. She receives an anonymous note saying that her brooch will be restored to her if she attends Vauxhall pavilion at midnight. Seventeen-year old Horatia is not.

When Horatia returns she doesn't realise

Determined to teach her husband a lesson for his interference, she defies his wishes attending a masked ball. This is his third foray into Georgette Heyer for Naxos Audiobooks. The Earl is also obliged to make regular financial donations to support Horatia's likeable but debt-ridden brother, Pelham. Lethbridge overtakes Drelincourt on the road and wrests the brooch from him.