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In the end the type of

In the end, the type of weather and temperatures we get during the different seasons is controlled by the average temperature during each day. Sterling then travels to Egypt to eliminate the leaders of an arms dealing cartel, who possess a missile guidance system called Octopus.

The flip side of the question, of course, is whether global warming is at least partly to blame for especially harsh winter weather. Until we can shift our economy over to greener energy sources, global warming will be a problem, regardless of how warm or cold it is outside.

Sterling then travels to

Cold Winter by providing world powers with the Octopus guidance systems. If nothing else, we should all keep in mind that every time we turn up the thermostat this winter to combat the cold, we are contributing to global warming by consuming more fossil fuel power.

Sterling is sent to Greywing's headquarters in the Himalayan mountains where he destroys the facility's power core and escapes in Parish's helicopter. As the temperature is the result of the amount of heat energy we receive from the sun. That means that we have our winter at the end of the year, between the end of November and the start of March. Wells novel The Shape of Things to Come. For some more details about the way the tilt of the Earth affects the sunlight we receive have a look at the National Geographic activity here and at the picture below.