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The Caterpillar and the Polliwog by Jack Kent download in iPad, ePub, pdf

We then started to read the book. Instead of having precise lines, these images look like sketches.

This is them posting their

This is them posting their predictions of what a polliwog is on the board. She insists that she go first and he excitedly watches her day after day, not noticing the transformation that is happening to him.

We finished the story and then created our own books about the original story. However, if the performer is familiar with the text it can easily be read aloud start to finish and keep every one's attention. The caterpillar brags that when she grows up she will turn into something else.

The pollywog wants to turn into something else, too. It's easy to throw in several science standards too. We did the same thing with the polliwog's voice, except his voice has more of a curious tone. You can also have them create additional questions, then pass their book to a friend and have them answer it. We started by making predictions about what a polliwog is.

She insists that she go

They were able to figure out that the missing stage was egg.

We had a good laugh about some of the predictions that were made. The illustrations follow along with the story, in colors of dark greens, browns, reds, and yellows. To make it more fun I let them work with a partner. If your students don't pay close attention to the pictures, they'll miss this valuable information.