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The 50 Francis Street Photographer by Suzanne Behan download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Picture taken by John Walsh The images chronicle the life of a community from the s to the s. Our facilities are largely free to the public or run purely on a costs-recovery basis. Organising tours during the summer months to places of shared historical interest. Offaly photographic records for study and sale in addition to a limited number of publications on Laois and Irish general historical interest.

The building was demolished and rebuilt in the s. For over forty years, he collected thousands of photos on all aspects of Dublin life - funerals, communions, weddings, christening, concerts, and events. The amazing pictures were taken by photographer John Walsh, mainly around The Liberties area of the city.

The building was demolished

Local literary, social, economic, military, political, scientific and sports history. Landscapes, heritage gardens and parks, farming and inland waterways. If you have a story behind the pictures, email on hnews herald.

Our Committee represents a broad range of backgrounds and interests. Here in this collection, for the first time ever, the images are brought together with the words of his granddaughter Suzanne Behan to give us a unique and nostalgic look of a changing city. All share a common interest in collecting and promoting the heritage of the county and making it available to the wider community. This item is currently out of stock.

For over forty years he