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We shall light upon belly-gods and epicures, and shall fall into the hands of priests and Jesuits. What is a Reformed Church? Did He deem any sacrifice too great to make atonement for your sins? Necessarily so, for God is ineffably holy, and where He is revered sin is loathed. Fourthly, A man may know his heart to be tender and sensible, in regard of the estate of others, whether they be good or bad.

When God hath given Christ, then comes the Spirit, and works in the heart a gracious acceptance of mercy offered. But what doth move him to leave us in this disposition? Thus had he a tender heart. Yes, a tender heart may be lost, as truly as first love may be left Rev. How a tender heart is wrought.

How few are there that yield to the motions of the Spirit! Thus we see plainly what a tender heart is.

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It must be the Almighty power of God. Josiah in uprightness sends to inquire, and the Lord returns him a full and upright answer. Third, by the exercise of faith. But does not the natural shadow forth the spiritual here, too?

It is by making conscience of its earliest stirrings within that a tender heart is preserved. Can you dwell upon these things with unmoved heart? Pursue Integrity Relentlessly.

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Prayerlessness is another thing which speedily affects the heart. The more concerned I am not to displease my Master, the more shall I eschew that which He forbids. Finally, do you mourn over your own hardness and grieve over your callousness? They have less bowels of pity in them, when they hear how it goes with the church abroad, than very pagans and heathens.

Oh what a wonderful hardness would the heart of man grow to, if we do not follow it with means to soften it! But doth God immediately make the heart tender, and change it, without any help by means? For as the outward takes away the inward heat, so the love of one thing abates the love of another.

Can he be separated from goodness, which is goodness itself? Beware, then, of setting your love too much upon mere things or creatures. For, as things dead and insensible, it will not yield to the touch, but returns back whatsoever is cast upon it. How then shall we preserve ourselves in such a perpetual temper?

Again, A tender heart is pliable and yielding. In all duties concerning God, and all offices of love to men, taare zameen par maa mp3 songs a tender heart is thus qualified. These are the means to bring tenderness of heart. Why are There so Many False Doctrines?

The Tender Heart - 2 Chronicles. 34 26

Christ is the first gift to the Church. How many have melting hearts when they hear God blasphemed, and the religion of Christ wronged? Doth such a one make conscience of swearing, profaning the Sabbath?

The Tender Heart - 2 Chronicles. 34 26

And thus we have seen how tenderness of heart is wrought. It hath life, and therefore sense.


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God may threaten, and promise, and direct, and yet we insensible all the while. How earnestly we should aspire after one. Thirdly, To stir you up to labour for this, consider that a tender heart is fit for any blessedness. Whence we may learn, Doct.

Yes, watch as well as pray, and pray as well as watch. They may still be respected by their fellow-Christians and regarded as in a healthy spiritual state, while in reality they are backsliders. And if thou wilt preserve tenderness of heart, labour for a legal and evangelical faith. The setting of too much love upon earthly things, takes away the sense of better things, and hardens the heart.

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Therefore if we would recover ourselves from hard and insensible hearts, let us use the help one of another. The sins of the people gave life to him. First, Privatively, by withholding and withdrawing his melting and softening power.

It is fit for any blessedness. Therefore when we are to go about spiritual duties, we must cut ourselves short in the use of the creatures. This made this good man Nehemiah to mourn, so that all the princes of the court could not comfort him.

We must believe that all the threatenings of God's vengeance against the wicked shall come to pass. As it is tender from God, so it is tender for God.

Persistent Myths about the Origins of the New Testament. We all know what happened to Peter because he failed so to do, and his case is recorded as a solemn warning for us. All that are gracious must of necessity have soft hearts. What fearful things may a man come to, if he give way to hardness of heart!