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De Guiche angrily commands Christian to say farewell to his bride and hands him the order to go to war. De Guiche offers his protection to Cyrano, who rejects it scornfully. Several Gascony cadets enter, Le Bret and Christian among them, and congratulate Cyrano on his victory over De Guiche and his hundred men. Cyrano returns from behind enemy lines, where he has ventured day and night to deliver love letters to Roxane, written in the name of Christian, who is now her husband. Cyrano takes the letter and at her request begins to read it aloud.

Cyrano denies everything, even that he loves her. Christian asks him the name of the woman that usually sits in a certain box, and confesses that he has fallen in love with her. De Guiche escorts to her box.

Cyrano, pride of the Guardsmen, bursts in to stop the performance, chasing the lead actor, whom he despises, from the stage. Fiasco Theater company member.

Roxane affirms that she would love the author of the letters even without his beauty, and Cyrano is about to speak when the soldiers carry in the body of Christian. Facing all-but-certain death, Christian longs to send Roxane a last farewell. It was as if the profile was written directly to him. Roxane, pale and disheveled, enters with Ragueneau seeking shelter. Roxane is swept away by his eloquence, and Christian climbs up to the balcony to embrace her.

Cyrano, summoning Christian, offers to prepare a script for him, but he says he will woo for himself. Christian, stunned, sends her to cheer his comrades and calls for Cyrano. Le Bret rebukes him for risking his life to send off a letter for another man, but Cyrano tells Le Bret of his promise, and goes into his tent to write another letter. Carbon, captain of the Guards, empirismo representantes yahoo dating arrives with the company to salute Cyrano's latest exploits.

Viaggio Attraverso l'Impossibile - Sogni di Cinema

Christian comes into Cyrano's tent telling him that he wished he had time to write a last letter before they go into battle. And thank you again for helping me find my husband. The cadets re-enter and are amazed to see Christian and Cyrano unwounded and friendly towards each other. Cyrano enters and commands him to stop.

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Learning that the battle is imminent, she refuses to leave, saying she will die with her beloved. After they leave Cyrano reveals to Le Bret his love for Roxanne and the shame he feels at having such a large nose. Cyrano realizes that now more than ever she will love the man she supposes her husband to have been, and that because of his death it is impossible for the real writer of the letters to be declared. Alone with Christian, she confides that, though she once admired him for the beauty of his face, it is the soul he has revealed in his letters that has truly won her heart. She gives it to him and he begins to read aloud.

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Le Bret replies that she is Roxane, a cousin of Cyrano de Bergerac. Tweaked by the supercilious De Guiche, Cyrano and Carbon boast of their roughneck, devil-may-care regiment. Roxane and Christian, followed by the monk and the duenna, appear at the door of the house, and Cyrano tells De Guiche that they are man and wife. Cyrano explains this by saying that he had made himself believe he was Christian. She speaks kindly to him fearing for Christian, and he tries to embrace her.

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He then speaks of Christian, and she takes out his last letter. He becomes delirious with pain and babbles of past battles before briefly regaining his senses. Afraid of being caught out, Christian urges her to stay inside. Cyrano protests that she must not stay, and De Guiche announces that within an hour there will be a battle where they now stand. She then tells him that she loves a man named Christian who has not yet declared his love for her, that he too is a Gascony cadet, and asks Cyrano he keep him safe.

Roxane lingers alone at the fountain. However, when he starts talking to her, he appears so stupid that Roxane impatiently leaves him and goes into her house. Cyrano relents and promises to prompt him in a serenade to Roxane. When she scornfully dismisses her stammering lover, he appeals to Cyrano, who, under cover of darkness, softly pours forth his own words of love. Cyrano sees Roxane approaching and goes away.

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He also tells Christian that because Roxane was so eager for letters, he had sent off more than Christian knew about, two a day sometimes. Christian, warned by the cadets not to mention Cyrano's nose, taunts the great swordsman to prove his bravery.

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