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The rest of the company

After a lapse of some months, spent at home in mere idleness, I found myself a student at Eton. From each room to every other there were sure to be found three or four steps either in ascent or descent.

The rest of the company, interested in the extent of our play, had abandoned their own cards, and were standing around us as spectators. Wilson's retaliations in kind were many, and there was one form of his practical wit that disturbed me beyond measure. Nor were the lower limbs less marvellously superb. Upon one occasion he saw this, I think, and afterwards avoided, or made a show of avoiding me.

We had protracted our sitting far into the night, and I had at length effected the manoeuvre of getting Glendinning as my sole antagonist. And as you read you are ever impressed with the truth that he has much fancy, great richness of description, and true poetry for his imagery and colorings.

Although this event failed not of a vivid effect upon my disordered imagination, yet was it evanescent as vivid. Of these, three or four of the largest constituted the play-ground. Thus seated, I congratulated myself, and with much reason, upon the very flattering state of affairs.

Wilson's retaliations in