Hopefully this will help someone else. Anyway, let's see what the code looks like. Hi All, I am trying to write a small application that will connect to a sybase database and will run a querie. It's a common message I need help! This question has been undeleted.

Data Platform Development. As per the above link, changing the source in Ase. If your original file is just corrupted but not lost, then please check the version number of your files.

Toggle navigation codeverge. General ideas to allow user modify data in a repeater control grid of data I have a repeater control that renders a grid of data about offers products to sell on my website. The location changed from Ado. This may be required when running into a bug and having to revert back or updating applications one at a time with a new version.

By default this is set to true. In the Solution Explorer window, right-click the References folder and choose Add Reference from the pop-up menu.

This question has been deleted. Creation Date Importance Sort by. AccessViolationException at Sybase.

The file should be stored in the actual installation path of the software. Hi DevX As per the above link, changing the source in Ase.

The procedures below demonstrate how to deploy applications. Nevermind guys, i managed to get the connection working here is the code if someone needs it.

All you need to know about the provider - SAP Connectivity - SCN Wiki

Hey Mark, Thank you, that helped me! This answer has been undeleted. If you encounter this situation, check the file path to see whether there are any other files located in. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. RetrieveNextResult at Sybase.

Have you restarted Visual Studio? The information provided on DevExpress.

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Hope this helps, and I look forward to your progress. Once we release the newer Provider I'll create a post so interested developers are informed.

Please provide the solution for this issue. Hi, I believe this is still the same steps provided above.

Is there any tool or script which will fix the issue? Maybe with code some changes can be made to get it to work.

However, I don't know how to configure. You must open cmd prompt with Run As Administrator or this will not load.

It wont appear in subsequent requests. Are you sure that the Sybase.

Object, Boolean at System. These are the relevant bits for whoever is creating the fix for this. There is a special case that, the operating system is a bit system, ilayaraja janani janani mp3 but you are not sure whether the program is bit or bit. Most versions are compatible with most other versions. You may need to get in touch with Sybase.

See related articles to this posting. Search community questions. There is an auxiliary question here. Adding a reference tells Visual Studio. GetNextResult Boolean at Sybase.

Adding a reference to the ASE Data Provider assembly in a project

Config The machine config file is used to load the correct ado. However Sybase does not show up as a drop down Data Source option. It's pretty much up to the vendor of the. If so, you can follow the below steps.

This grid of data appears in the user private menu, and consists in all its published offers. This dll also had some unresolved bugs and was not completely managed it required sybdrvadoa. The method is very simple.

Adding a reference to the ASE ADO.NET Data Provider assembly in a project

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ASE Client 16 Visual Studio missing Data source - SAP Q&A