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Of course Jefferson himself is

Hunt wrote a letter to Confederate president Jefferson Davis. Jackson, who did not drink, declined the offer. Davis not to be confused with Confederate President Jefferson F. He was found not guilty of murder due to temporary insanity.

The eerie sheen was clearly visible

While setting up artillery placements, Confederate sharpshooters armed with Whitworth rifles started firing on his command from about yards away. Timberlake took the photo with him, and it eventually found its way to the Museum of Confederacy in Richmond, Virginia. Lee, who put him in contact with the Chief of the Engineer Bureau for the Confederacy.

Sickles, however, saved the shattered bones from his leg and donated them to the Army Medical Museum. Some of their wounds started glowing. The country was torn by the conflict, and they desperately needed all the money they could get their hands on to rebuild.

Of course, Jefferson himself is also said to haunt the premises, along with Edgar Allan Poe, of all people. The eerie sheen was clearly visible in the dark, and no one could understand what was happening.