Stella 9.1.4

Optimization from the Command Line and in Stella Simulator The -ro option has been added to the command line to run optimizations. This allows you to make changes in Stella Live and see the consequences of those changes in another module. This new more powerful and flexible engine will provide a solid foundation for future development and expanded functionality of Stella.

This, combined with bendable Bezier connecters, allows much more flexibility in presentation. The output of graphs and tables has been enhanced to support a number of formats that can be very helpful when working with a large number of sensitivity runs. Change the model style to changes everything that has not been explicitly overridden.

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See Attribute and Cycle Time Tracking for an overview, Flow options for a description of how to set the attribute, and Discrete builtins for the new builtins used to measure the attributes. This returns the number of failures that occurred getting to a specific number of successes for a given probability of success. Optimization allows you to find a set of parameter values model constants that maximize a payoff you defined in terms of other model variables. Selecting a text color close to white no longer requires that you set the background in the editing window to see the text.

For example if you have a run named base, pathar ke sanam you can have the current run replace it. Circularity checking and reporting have been improved and now detects subtle initialization dependencies related to leakages and discrete stock equilibrium initializations. Published interfaces can now support keyboard input and alternative text to improve accessibility. This new builtin allows tracking of the run number within a sensitivity run. Large models should now open more quickly.

Download isee STELLA by isee systems

The attributes can be measured on downstream stocks and flows and can optionally be used to prioritize material for processing in queues. You can now specify the units of measure for a User Macro based on the units of measure of the arguments to the macro allowing full checking of model units. Previously, the I equation would determine the value of the variable.


Parameter Control Panel The functionality to create an import file from the Parameter Control panel has been updated to only save values that are changed. For example, you can change the font on flows, mark a converter as Name Only, resize stocks, and use Bezier connectors.

Improvements have also been made to the ignore selection in spell check so that anything ignored will be remembered with the model. This allows you to use the Sketchable graph as an input control.

It is now possible to add constraints to differential evolution optimizations allowing the specification of inadmissible search spaces without degrading the efficiency of the search. Loop Label A new Loop Label object has been added to the mode editing toolbar. The same log is also used to report messages about anything that happens when opening a model. There is now an option to display sliders vertically as well as horizontally.

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Allocation Input on Interface The new Allocation Input Interface object allows users to set values for inputs that need to add up to a set amount. Styles You now have much more control over appearance.

Probability Density Options on Histograms The Histogram has had options added to appear as a probability density function pdf and cumulative density function cdf. In particular, as you dial a knob, while the software is computing the graphs, over model elements will be displayed in gray instead of red. Model Bundling with Supporting Files The file menu now has a function to export your model as a bundle.

The legends now use a square instead of a line segment to show what is being displayed. Export Formats We have added new export formats to export a single set of values or values at a time and improved the way tables are specified for exporting.

STELLA (programming language)

Many of the panels now include sections that can be collapsed if you do not needs to refer to it. Published Accessibility Options Published interfaces can now support keyboard input and alternative text to improve accessibility. See Creating Import and Export Files for details.

The increment is set in the Scales and Ranges panel. You can now set the line color for the graphical input on the interface and also specify a fill intensity to display color below the line. It is a very useful device for quickly navigating through large models. This is done with scatter graphs by turning on comparative and checking the option to show only a single value.

Editing works just as it does for variable names. Lead-In Time and Restore Inputs Options Interface You can now set runs to start part way into the simulation when working on the interface. You can now lock individual runs in graphs and tables.

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When you open a model the first elements of each array will be selected. You can now set an attribute on flows that are connected to discrete stocks and non-negative stocks in Cycle-Time Mode. It is also useful in demographic modeling in general as it makes is much easier to deal with immigration and emigration.