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She started feeling that

To turn around in circles very rapidly. It then moves to show her on top of a table at a bar, seducing the men that are there. She also said that the song sounded more American than the other songs on the album.

Scenes of her performing a dance routine on and in front of a bar and laying on neon blue and gold lights are interspersed throughout the video. She hadn't done a record in seven years and was looking for a great dance number.

Jill spun around to face her accuser. It then moves back to Minogue dancing with a man whom she picked up at the bar. It includes disco-styled instrumentation. Minogue and her back-up dancers dressed in mid s -inspired outfits while performing the song.

Todd spun around in his chair

Todd spun around in his chair so he could see who was talking to him. She started feeling that she might be exposing too much of her body to the extras. As the second chorus ends, she is shown in a dark room with a floor covered in multi-colored, sparkling lights, writhing on the floor.