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Arkansas produces Riceland rice and sweet corn, both of which are staples of the cuisine of Southeastern Arkansas. Georgia is known for its peaches, pecans, peanuts and Vidalia onions. Louisiana is the largest supplier of crawfish in the U. Chicken and dumplings and fried chicken remain much-loved dishes.

Georgia is known

In Southern Louisiana, there is Creole cuisine. Mississippi and Alabama produce the most catfish in the United States. Fried chicken is among the region's best-known exports. Coleslaw is also popular, both as a side dish and on a variety of barbecued and fried meats. Orange juice is the well-known beverage of the state.

Arkansas produces Riceland rice and sweet

In contrast to the lowlands, where sugar cane molasses was the usual sweetener, Appalachia mainly used sorghum and honey. Mirliton, or chayote squash, is popular in Louisiana and harder to find in other parts of the South.

Deer, wild turkey, grouse and other game birds are hunted and utilized in many recipes from barbecue to curing and jerky. Kentucky is famous for Burgoo and beer cheese.