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Development would conserve resources and energy while improving human well-being and human welfare.

Our seeds of Dehradun basmati gave us the strength to fight RiceTec of Texas, which had patented basmati rice. In economics, development is an externally driven process. The Soil Not Oil International Conference is expected to be the larger event so far we have organized. In the terms of Chilean scientists Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela, systems that self-organize and self-renew are autopoetic systems.

If the economic domain were to think of development in the same way, it woudl lead to a flourishing of biodiversity and cultural diversity. And in the language of David Pimentel of Cornell, autopoetic systems are based on endosomatic or metabolic energy. Community powered narrative that addresses those most affected by climate change.

It is killing species and farmers. Our seeds of native wheat varieties inspired us to fight Monsanto when it patented low-gluten wheat.

If the economic domain were