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The Century Foundation Press, reprinted with permission. House of Representatives from the state of Connecticut. And it is the base upon which all who are able to do so can build the supplementary protection of pensions and individual savings. They did not creep up on us like thieves in the night. In the wake of the current crisis, the highly interconnected nature of the global economy underscores the fact that we are indeed all in this together.

History, Politics, and Prospects and greed, intergenerational equity is intact. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. In the middle of the Depression, it took courage to enact a system based on these principles. Private troubles and public issues.

History, Politics, and Prospects retirement, could access money equal to the amount they had contributed. Still, conservative economists and their supporters use the myth of boomer-generated catastrophe to fuel their unrelenting assault on the two enduring icons of the New Deal. The second goal is to transform common sense, turning private troubles into public issues. He would spend endless hours with anyone interested in Social Security. Ball outlines the differences between social insurance and social assistance as methods of income maintenance.

Such efforts may be understood as part of the larger challenge to social justice and human rights for all citizens of the world. Indeed, in the months leading up to his death, he was genuinely thrilled at the idea that there might be an African American or female president of the United States. Even then, Ball would be demonstrating undue modesty.

In this way, social insurance in both its historical and contemporary forms represents an active step toward social justice. These and many other accomplishments and adjustments have taken place within a framework consisting of nine major principles. He possessed a deep respect for all fellow humans.

Johnson, more even than Franklin D. In contrast, the essays in this volume are oriented toward perspectives of intergenerational cooperation, interdependence, and collective responsibility. As noted, government policies of redistribution are derived from varied perceptions of social justice. Bob Ball on Social Security.

Indeed in the months

It is hard to imagine our not-so-distant past when many Americans faced old age without income, assets, or even the basic necessities of life. All are rooted in the social-economic structures of society. The applicant for assistance states that he is unable to maintain himself. He was completely devoid of prejudice.

Such efforts may