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The prostitute Trixie carries a tiny derringer handgun, and practically never goes anywhere without it. When the Monarch proposes to Dr. One girl even had her mother knit a special pocket into her sweater so that she could smuggle out an entire chicken. He then has to retrieve it, again by mouth but only after asking permission of his superior officer.

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But so did a lot of other things. Catwoman features Selina retrieving her whip and a golden cat collar from inside her suit by way of her undoing her top. This was even Played for Laughs to an extreme in a recent arc where she pulled several tools out of her blouse before she realized she was out of weapons. Marching band uniforms don't always have pockets, and woodwind players always need a spare reed on hand. In a marching band with woodwind instruments, this is actually quite reasonable.

The Femme Fatale pulls a gun from her shirt. Whilst trying to keep the car keys from Frank, Marie drops them down her blouse. Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff. Donna stuffs a lottery ticket down her wedding dress. Now that's good economics, That's good economics, That's good economics But awful bad for love!

Fizzy until after he helps her clean up her closet. May have been a call back to True Lies. In the elevator, Rain expresses distaste of Hana's Stripperiffic evening gown, and wonders why she doesn't just attend the party naked. Unfortunately for her, the title character chooses to turn her upside-down and shake it out, rather than reach in. Dola the Sky Pirate from Castle in the Sky somehow manages to find the time to fill her cleavage with jewels even as she and her crew are making their last-minute escape from the fall of Laputa.

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Flaming or offending other users. Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! Hilarity ensues when you teach Yuna the Use skill. Nanny Ogg keeps all sorts of things in her knickers, including alcohol and cash. Although, being the Captain's faithful sidekick, Zoe might have felt that shoving it into a pocket was simply disrespectful.

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Still, the compartment stands. When stuck in traffic, waiting in the car pool, sitting in the dentist's office, or on a grocery run a fun and free app can be the only fiber holding a mom or dad's sanity together.

Zoe successfully attempts to ransom back her husband Wash and Mal from Niska. One company now sells a bra-mounted beverage pouch for women. Now Edna used to slip her husbands Pay down her chest And just to keep it extra safe She never undressed! The warmth softened it, making it easier to apply evenly. Cue laughing from everyone.

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Senate investigation of the Iran-Contra Scandal, Sen. This is lampshaded by the student she's fighting, who has to restrain himself from ranting at her about gun safety.

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The Human sounds in this column are collected from the web and are generally available to everyone for personal use. The goal is simply to press the Sneezing button and enjoy funny Sneezing sounds! Human Sound Effects Collection.

Human Sounds Free Screams Moaning Kiss Free Sneeze Vomit Laugh Burp

Either that, or some sort of secret dimension. Lisa responds that it's just one of those special things about being a lady.

Your android can sneeze without catching a cold. Partway through the party, she steps aside and pulls out a handkerchief to sneeze and blow her nose, afterwards discarding the handkerchief in lieu of stuffing it back in. Later, she feels a sneeze coming on, home music studio recording software so she reaches in for her second handkerchief.

Few are the free apps that have a fair balance of fun and entertaining. Ah, the wonder that is Hammerspace. The Soviet agent played by Jeri Ryan keeps a silenced pistol in her cleavage. She also retrieves a fairly large marriage certificate from there in her winning animation.

Unfortunately, the train she takes is overcrowded due to the rush hour, making that place too painful for Akko. Get your sneezing app today. This is a common hiding place for secret ninja scrolls in the Senran Kagura series. Archie doesn't hesitate to go in after it. Caster of Nightless City stores her story scrolls in her cleavage at the end of her Noble Phantasm animation.

Takada Kiyomi keeps a page from the Death Note in her bra. Girls often tuck iPods into their cleavage when running around the track in gym class or at gyms so they can listen as they run.

Left alone with money that hasn't been counted yet, she spirits away a hundred thousand or so in high-denomination banknotes. In one of the later chapters, Belldandy. If you need a positive, uplifting vibe for your production then this is the stock music collection for you. Tootsie and Alejandra of Las Lindas demonstrate the trope here. This ends badly for her, since the reason he wanted it in the first place is that it has a curse on it he's trying to break.