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It's important to note here that

It is a relation between the work you put in and the output work the machine produces. It has two sealing surfaces on each side, doubling the sealing efficiency of regular O rings. With my well established -almost retarded- attention to details, I caught those metal shavings inside the head of the knob's spindle shown two photos above. This is the main reason I'm not a fan of the handle. Although those many contact points make it feel tighter than usual to spin the sleeve inside.

Underneath the spool, four Allen screws secure the rotor to the reel's body. Billet core prob costs more, but I'll check that option out too. In the bailless version there is a small anti-reverse clutch that works on the shaft of the drive gear, and there is no anti-reverse on the pinion. But it's just something that isn't supposed to be happening, and again shows that the reel could have used a few updates before it was presented as a heavy duty boat reel. Obviously the metal washer sticks to the knob and rubs against the stem.

My hand was covered in

It's important to note here that for the bailed version of the reel, Van Staal made a dramatic change to the anti-reverse. My hand was covered in grease and the camera must have slipped as I pressed the button. Find the diameter of your favourite line and those figures should let you make a good estimate of capacity. The red arrow points a synthetic washer for the bail arm to pivot on for smoothness.

Hence another reason this car will not get slicks until the rest of the driveline is built up. Now Canfield is making that same head in a larger runner version that does look promising but I have not yet tried it. Closeups The teeth are not exactly what I'd call heavy gauge, but after a lot of use they show hardly any wear.

The Van Staal's beefed up and incredibly tight seals make the reel exhausting to operate, and extra work is spent to overcome the friction created by those seals. Don't ask me how does it fit inside that tube. This is a cross section of the quad seal. On any other comparison I understand the solids are better. Be sure to buy the Total Seal Quick-Seat and use it.

This is how the traverse guide and drive gear connect. The variable with the biggest effect on casting distance, and by a good margin, is the line lay on the spool. Of course we all know here the importance of torque in a street driver, and I am not willing to sacrifice every last bit of streetablilty to get to the magical hp barrier either. It's a manual bail by the way, meaning that turning the handle will not close it and you have to close it manually after each cast.

One of those reels was sent to me and I was appalled by the deformation of the drive gear teeth and the small clutch on the handle. They are cool and I like them when we are just burning rubber and driving. Not everyone is on a boat to catch cow tuna. He is using a small shot in street racing and track usually. It's just that in my book it certainly doesn't make it.